Improve Your Putting


Make more putts and lower your scores with AimPoint. The AimPoint putting technique will help you read greens more consistently, improving your short game.

AimPoint Express Green Reading System Level 1 & 2

Understanding the slopes on the green leads to better putts. This class will train you to get a highly reliable read quickly and easily. The AimPoint system offers the perfect balance between simplicity and accuracy. You’ll learn skills that you can take straight to the greens. Learn to putt with confidence with AimPoint.


$250 / $200*

* Discounted price for Practice & Performance Academy members and training & coaching clients


  • Feeling and identifying slope
  • Personal calibration
  • Short putts
  • Medium putts
  • Long single break putts
  • Double break putts
  • Gamifying drills & exercises

Open to all golfers who want to make more putts!

Private coaching is 2.5-hours in duration

Ratio – 1 to 1 (coach to player)

The AimPoint express private coaching includes a digital level and additional time for advanced development of personal calibration, putter face alignment & control and practice planning.

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